5 Reasons You Should Say NO to 96% of All Sponsorship Requests


logosWith events making a comeback and sponsorships being a big part of events… it only stands to reason you will be asked to sponsor something, sometime.

Being a sponsor can be a huge waste of time and money, or a great investment.

Here are the 5 ways you can tell the difference:

#1 – The audience is not your audience – Just ask one question – who is coming to this event?  If the answer is not your audience, say NO.  (Good example:  you are being asked to sponsor an event for children but you only sell a product or service for adults.  Though the adults might be there, your logo will not be what they are focused on.)

NASCAR w logos#2 – Your money buys you a logo placement – This is the biggie “for a gold sponsor your name will be on the stage signage” – oh my! A logo does zip for your company and being one of many means you will have zero impact.  Kind of like a NASCAR race – lots of logos and no messages!

#3 – You will not have an active role in the event itself – If you cannot participate in the event, either at your location, through your customers or on the event day – say NO.

#4 – The location is at a competitor’s location – Charity walks or runs are a great example of you being asked to sponsor something that may start, end or go past everywhere but your place.

#5 – There is no way you can use this across social media and other marketing platforms – are there images, will you get video?  If you can’t spread your company message across lots of social media platforms, in-house, at the event, and far more than just your logo – say NO>
It is rare that I tell a client to spend their money on sponsorships – far better to create your own event and then tie in with lots of others who will make your event a success for your company.

Or say no to the next 10 sponsorship requests and save your money to buy a big presence, at a big event, that reaches your audience, at a location you will benefit from, where you will have an interactive role, an event with lots of visual tools and you can promote your involvement across multiple platforms before, during and after.

Be creative – (hint:  Google ‘sponsorship levels” and adopt every single good idea you can find) — groups putting on events need your sponsorship and if one comes your way that can maximize your sales – then ask for much more than the gold, silver or platinum levels – and don’t be surprised if you get enough benefits to maybe, just maybe, say YES!

The 911 – What The Best Event Planners Have In Their “Just in Case” Box

Do you have a box in your car that is “just in case”? Well the best event planners do too and over the years we have accumulated the best of the best … sharing with you.chip clip

  1. A photographer brings potato chip bag clamps – one day when hotel drapes would not close and she needed the sun to be blocked for a special photo – she pulled out her  potato chip bag clamp, brought the drapes together to block the sun temporarily and the photo turned out perfectly.
  2. A can of WD-40 eliminates squeaky chairs, especially if they are on a podium with miked speakers!  Says one convention services planner.
  3. A business meeting planner brings the essentials – at least they are to him – 3 m sticky notes in a large size and sharpies … when the presentation fails to show or fails to play – here is an option that could save the day.
  4. A wedding planner in California includes shoe laces in her go-to kit.  Not for shoes but for all the other things that need to be open, closed or tied.  An entrance door that will not stay open – those shoelaces do the trick (she brings extra-long ones) and they are easy to untie too.’
  5. Have you ever picked up your event signs and the directional arrows were the wrong way?  Or counted on a facility to provide the signage and they were wrong? Pack a small chalkboard or two and colored chalk and you’ll get guests where they need to go.
  6. Extra cell phone chargers (including for your cell), an extension cord and granola bars – the first two are obvious but the planner who offered this tip said the granola bars are the most important part of the trio because if you have a cell phone about to die, you want a client who is ready to handle what comes next. chalkboard 2
  7. Gaffer’s or duct tape, push pins, eyeglass cleaner and lipstick remover were other great ideas.
  8. Phone numbers of the support team, cash to tip valet parkers, and extra business cards are mandatory “must haves” too.

Most of these helpful items will fit in a shoe box and might be something you consider having at your ready … and if you don’t have a 911 box – start one now and keep updating it!

Share with us your smart ideas, cannot wait to hear them!

Hooray for Celebrations!

Followers of this blog know I am a daily reader of the New York Times and appreciate not only the paper’s journalistic excellence but also the coverage they give national trends – all great fodder for this blog.

Lately the topic I’ve monitored has been weddings and the trend shifts taking place in celebrations and special events; thanks to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Here are some predictions the Times, and others including me, are offering:

Fridays will be a new wedding day choice.
And why not? For a very long time I was a publicist for the bridal industry and the rule of thumb used-to-be Fridays were for “repeat or encore” brides and Saturdays for traditional brides. But times have changed and the wedding industry is preparing for many more day of the week choices. Thank you William and Kate (the ultimate traditional wedding couple) for choosing a Friday and for expanding how brides think about day of the week options.

Traditions are back.
Horse -drawn carriages, incorporating family crests, custom props, tiaras and even red carpets will find their way back into wedding ceremonies.


You can’t have an evening wedding without lights, so look for professional lighting designers to find a portion of the wedding budget coming their way. Light the ceremony, create a custom gobo, spotlight the cake, mood-light the facility and its entrance – we all know lighting sets the stage and is the basis for breathtaking photography too.

Many voices
I heard recently about a new trend naming a “tweet of honor” – where one bridesmaid is asked to tweet every stage of the planning to everyone involved and invited to the wedding.

Wedding websites are standard these days too from posting information to gathering RSVP’s for the pre- wedding parties, gift registry, hotel arrangements and much more. Think http://www.bennettmcintosh022308.com for instance.

A top wedding planner told me recently that not only are many people involved in the planning but it is not unusual for her to have to bill the wedding expenses on 5 or more different credit cards; one from the bride, one from grandparents, one from the groom and more. With payment comes the open door to participate in decision- making too.

Hotels in the act!
This year hotels have developed overnight packages which include tea and scone parties, wake up calls before the start of the 5:30 am (EST) wedding and delivery of a proper English breakfast!

The royal wedding notwithstanding, weddings and life’s celebrations are becoming more and more popular – after all if this crazy economy has taught us anything it is that we should all celebrate more! Here’s to you William and Kate!