Digital Fatigue? Craving the promise of high-tech high-touch?

high tech high touch for 2016 blogSometimes it is just nice to NOT have to read a Tweet, keep up with Facebook posts or endlessly check in for new email.  Whew we all know those communication vehicles are not only relentless but the tip of the iceberg on our to-do list!

Digital fatigue?  Yep it’s rampant.  How are you feeling?

As grateful as we all are for the technology that allows us such widespread connections and speed of information – as human we also crave the human touch.

Retailers get it and are expanding their footprint to reach out and touch the consumer – or rather to have the consumer touch what’s being sold.

Furniture, home goods, lighting, plumbing, flooring and others in the home improvement category are “romancing” the consumer with sensual colors and inspirational room settings.  “Touch, turn and tinker” is what the head of a national kitchen retailer calls it.

tasting high touch example for blog 2016Smells are coming on strong too not just in bakeries where they have always known the power of the aroma of freshly baking bread, but fast food places are pumping out smells too – have you driven by a Burger King lately just before the lunch hour?  Or been in the Bloomingdale baby department where you would swear there is baby powder somewhere?

The store inside a store trend gives big box retailers, and malls for that matter, a smart way to “touch” a customer with something new and designed for interaction. A differentiated shopping experience is memorable and memorable impacts sales.

Are you offering your consumer a different way to experience your brand?  Try slowing down on the digital outreach and increasing the in-person interaction that leads to powerful, long term connections.  Consider tactile or sensory mailings or in-store promotions or cross branding or special events or anywhere your customer is, live and in-person!

John Naisbitt’s pre-internet prediction was that we were entering a world of high-tech high-touch and thank goodness that is coming true!


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