If They See It – They Believe It! You Tube Shows Marketers Why

YouTube logoSales are where the rubber hits the road and recent research shows that YouTube is the medium that converts “browsers” online to “buyers” online and in stores.

Why? Well according to a new study, which tracked 15 million transactions in the first quarter of 2014, YouTube works because it is visual, offers details and is helpful.

Helpful? That’s it! It’s like a friend not only telling you the features of a new product, but why they love it.

Remember when J.D. Power announced that research often came down to one question? And that question was: “Would you recommend this product to a friend?”

Well there we are, a YouTube video is like a recommendation to a friend telling you not only the details of the product but the ”why” !

YouTube forward iconThis is the fundamental difference between advertising and PR or marketing. Advertising is all about fundamentals like size and price, where PR and marketing speak conversationally about benefits. Add to this a video that might include music and actors and visual demonstrations and you have one super winning combination.

You might be wondering what else can sway a consumer to move from browser to buyer? The study said Facebook was second and Google+ is third.

Be sure to add video, testimonials and a helpful tone to your marketing campaign elements, and yes, up your budget for YouTube too!

Ready to get started? https//www.youtube.com/user/HowToBasic.com

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