Just like Goldilocks, we all want to get this ‘just right’

Goldilocks in bed with bears 2015Our job is to communicate. Yet with all the communication platforms, sometimes we really are not sure how often to communicate. How Often Is Enough? How Often is Too Much?

Let me offer this guide as to how often is just right – and how to plan for topics that are just right too.

The best way to assure you are maximizing your time is to set up your own editorial calendar. Establish no less than 25 topics that you should be communicating over the next 12 months – leave room for new ideas too. You might end a year with 50 content topics – as long as the message matches the audiences. It’s not about the numbers it’s about connecting.

Here is a content sequence that works for my agency and our clientsGoldilocks used Jan 2015

Every week or two – we follow the top editorial topic from the editorial calendar and write a news release. Anytime a new topic is added we write a news release about that too. Add photos, testimonials, video and graphics every time. This visual and written content ties with other efforts like sales, advertising, the time of year, the CEO’s focus and much more. It is written, reviewed and approved.

Now your messages have wings and are ready to be sliced, diced and maximized for social media.

In the morning and in the afternoon… maybe evening too. – Tweet and repeat – use your Facebook message in a tweet, a couple of times each day as long as it is fresh.

Google Plus is your best platform – post every day without fail, you might post on weekends and holidays too – Google + matters and the more committed you are to it, the more pluses you will have.

Show up on Facebook every day – once is enough, possibly two posts if you have really great things to say or updates. Make it about the ‘friends’ and not a sales pitch.

Blog Twice a month – Use all or parts of the news release on your blog or blogs – new content should be posted at least twice a month.

Tie that blog to LinkedIn and add relevant comments – once or twice a week might be ‘just right’.

Add video to your blog, and post it on YouTube – if you can post two new videos a month you are amazing.

Got Photos? Add to all of the above and post on Instagram and pin on Pinterest too.

Bring it all together on your website. Do this first before you repurpose your news or send to anyone outside your organization. Make sure there is a link back to your website in all of the above.

Track what worked – give it a score and post that score back to your editorial calendar – pretty soon you will know what topics your audiences are responding too and your effectiveness will grow and grow, and it might even be the tool you need to justify a raise or promotion! Goldilocks would be proud!

Be a responder – Add comments to other bloggers, LinkedIn contacts, Twitter followers, Facebook friends and others who follow you and/or you follow.

It’s all about being a resource, being interesting and establishing two-way dialogue.

Not too hot, not too cold, but just right!

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