Has This Happened To You?

Did that headline reach out and ask you to come into this conversation? I hope so – because in 2015 it’s not going to be about the numbers; it’s about the conversation.15 cue ball

I sometimes hear clients say “We have a million Twitter followers, a zillion Facebook friends and we are beating our competition in all cross channel platforms …”

And what I say in response is: “How many of them have you engaged with? Do you know what they need? Do you respond to their posts, thank them for their Tweets, invite them in?”

15 visual w womanVery often, this is where clients need help.

The social media communication pathways are there and we are all familiar with how to post, tweet, click and share – but we’re only having a one-way conversation.

To kick off 2015 – here are 15 questions you might use at the beginning or end of your social media content to start a two-way dialogue.

15 Audience – Engaging Questions15 visual

1. Has this happened to you?
2. Don’t you hate this?
3. Isn’t this awesome/awful?
4. Is this you?
5. What do you think?
6. Does this sound familiar?
7. Have you heard of this?
8. What do you think?
9. Tell me about it!
10. Vote for your favorite!
11. What’s your pick?
12. What would you do?
13. How weird/cool is this?
14. Which do you like best? Worst?
15. Tell us! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

To learn more, there is an awesome free resource from Sophie Bujold, at www.sophiebujold.com that will give you what you need to know. Sophie is a genius at not only getting the conversation going, but giving tools on what, when and how…. Her guide is free and her advice is stellar. Thank you Sophie for letting your guide happen to me and my readers too!

2 thoughts on “Has This Happened To You?

  1. clairhaleyy says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Being a public relations student, I have learned how important social media is to a company. However, companies are sometimes only looking to have the most likes or the biggest list of followers. The ones that stand out and are very successful are the ones that use two-way communication. When a new person follows your twitter account, thank them and mention something about your product or company that may be important to them. Showing that you not only care about them but responded to them with a thank you, truly means more to the customer. Going a step ahead of the rest will ensure the profits of your company!

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