Product Placements Reach For The Stars – So Should You!

Last night was the Oscar’s hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and everything seemed to go right. This is a special event with much more than lights, camera, action and the production had a more sophisticated and engaging tone … it had spectacular product placements. ellen selfie

Not only product placement, but done so well they made national news today, they will tonight and for weeks to come I am certain. Not to mention the Tweets, YouTube, still photos, FB stories and many more…

Mid-show Ellen asks the biggest stars to pose in the audience for a selfie photo – with gusto the biggest stars rush from their seats and gather around Ellen with her over-sided white phone front and center – the chatter from DeGeneres in-between is that these stars will cause so many retweets that Twitter will crash. And sure enough it did and that too made headlines.

Not until this morning did I read that this was a paid-for product placement ad for Samsung, maker of the beautiful Galaxy camera Ellen was using. So for a five minute ad buy they get weeks of publicity (which we all know is at least 3 times the value to a paid ad) and “endorsements” from all those A-list celebrities who are in the photo.

images5YI2FZYZEllen also did a fun bit where she asked the crowd if they were hungry and when so many said yes she said she’d order pizza. Later the pizza arrived and the stars sat in their seats with napkins and slices eating away. That too was a product placement for a LA based pizza chain.

Here were two examples of how product placements can even be part of a live show. The selfie was brilliant and the pizza delivery much less so but all in all something we marketers need to learn from as it is the wave of the future and one I applaud and recommend. Reach for the stars now has a new definition – go for it!

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