Gratitude and Gratuity – are they linked? Thankfully they can be!

thank you in multiple languagesAs I write this it is the day before Thanksgiving and I have been aware this last few weeks of the rather intense and consistent outpouring of gratitude, thankfulness, apps on how we can continue year around to give thanks, ads thanking customers, new Hallmark cards and just plain feeling that the giving part is coming back to Thanks-giving.

Do you believe that gratitude has a place in gratuities we give service professionals too?  This is also the season for offering our thanks to those who service us – from the doorman to the hair dresser, teachers and postal workers – it all comes together right now.

I’ve asked myself lately if I’d rather receive a crisp $20 bill – or a heartfelt, maybe even well written note, saying how important I am and that my services and attitude are noticed and the recipient is thankful.   My choice?  The heartfelt words win every time.

So this season as I read all the messages coming from every direction about thanks and gratitude, I am going to be sure I spend time on really demonstrating my gratitude as I also happily offer gratuities to those who make my life a little better.  Not to mention those people and organizations who make life better for those in need in our community and around the world.

As a marketer I believe that communicating the emotional side of our businesses is a connection with our customers that has huge value, and is lifelong if it comes from a sincere place.

The Benjamins are nice, but feeling good inside – well as they say that is priceless.

In 2014 I am committed to keeping gratitude for the good people in this world, gratuities for those whose services I count on and excellence in my professional services to my customers; front and center.

imagesKLDSPDD0I am betting 2014 will be a banner year.

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