Sign Language – What Does Yours Say?

Crazy stop signOne of my longtime favorite magazines is Consumer Reports and for decades they have had a section for readers to submit images of crazy signs.

crazy sign 3 Recently a client asked me to be part of a planning session for a big event they were having and my role, among other things, was to submit a “shot list” for the paid photographer.

Though I believe the term should be “shoot list” I gave this assignment some thought.  Since I would be using these photos for post-event publicity – what could I send to the media that would tell the story of a party they did not attend?

Even more important is how could I get a publication to use one of these photos while benefitting my client?  So I asked the assembled group of event planners about signage – what signage were they producing to tell the story, to guide the 200+ guests that were expected or to communicate the event messages?

Blank stares are not uncommon when I ask questions like this …

.. so I thought I’d switch gears here and share with you my blog readers some funny signs from people who thought they were communicating well indeed!

What does YOUR sign language really say?                   crazy sign 2

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