Marketing is Selling. Do it with purpose.

sellingThere are few things more rewarding than spending your career knowing you have purpose. Purpose to your employer, your employees, your community and your customers. The question today is: what purpose are you bringing to marketing your product or service?

Recently we are learning (or re-learning) that purpose-full marketing is what sells best too. There seem to be a lot of terms for this from ‘pro-social marketing’ to ‘marketing for good’ to PR and advertising “conscious capitalism”. My grandfather might say this is how sales have always taken place, sell a good product, do good things, be nice to your customers and your business will grow.

Bottom line: A consumer will buy from someone they feel a sense of connection with.

Shared values, socially responsible practices, even emotional connections are being studied for their value in building customer loyalty.

Have you noticed brands letting you know how they give back or are adding slogans to their brand to let you know their values? Maybe they don’t sell endangered fish species or they do give a percentage of their profit to a local school … the message is that you can be successful and still give back. Maybe giving back encourages success?

While writing this piece I asked myself if I am a socially conscious consumer and though I have not declared my intentions loudly, I do realize I certainly am. There are restaurants I no longer frequent due to their employee policies, gas I won’t buy because of their corporate response to a disaster, insurance I won’t carry because I saw how they treated hurricane victims in need and yes I shop where charities win too.

Take a look at what you are marketing and consider whether or not you are touting the good things your company does. Are you giving a broad picture of why you are and what you value? When done with strong intentions this kind of communicating can be a strong magnet for not only sales but attracting great people to your team. And besides, you will wake up each morning and feel your own sense of purpose and that feels very good. Do it with purpose!

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