Would You Buy Anything ‘Sight Unseen’ Neither Will Your Customers – 10 Tips for Taking Photos that Sell

Everywhere we go people have their cell phones held high and are taking photos that end up on Facebook, blogs, email or just about anywhere. As marketers we know that the photos we are taking must not only tell a story, but sell our companies and clients too!

No matter what kind of “camera” you are using to add to your visual arsenal – over the years I have learned some great tips from some exceptional photographers and I share them here with you –

Ten Tips from Professional Photographers!

Tip #1Is there red in the photo? It is no coincidence that there is a red carpet at major events … Red attracts the eye and therefore draws you into the image. Many pros I know carry a red hat or find a red flower to put on a desk or behind the subject or a sign with red to include in the photo — ask yourself what is red that you can include in your shot!

Tip #2Odd is interesting. When possible include 3 faces, 3 mountain tops or 3 whatever – the balance that comes from one in the center and two on either side – even if they are not lined up – is what you want.

Tip #3What’s that growing out of your head? I am surprised at how often I see a beautiful bridal photo with a tree limb seemingly growing out of the groom’s head … take the extra second to see what is behind your photo subject and adjust your viewpoint if necessary.

Tip #4Get high. One pro I travel with can usually be found on top of a rock, standing at the top of the stairs or lots of other elevated vantage points – his photos are captivating – look for these kinds of places when you shoot a photo too.

Tip #5 Sometimes the background matters more! A mountain at sunset becomes even more beautiful when a bird is in the foreground – consider framing your photo first and then waiting for that foreground element to enter the frame. It will!

Tip #6 Move it! If you move with your subject, the background will show motion and you’ll have energy in the final take.

Tip #7Here comes the sun, there goes the sun. Light matters so go early, stay late and think through the mood you are hoping to capture and then match it to the light. Sometimes the light of a fire, a match, a lamp or a reflection is all the light you need, so shut off the “automatic” and capture reality.

Tip #8Funny Faces, wrinkled faces, happy faces are all better close up – step into your subjects and let your camera discover those facial cues that send the message!

Tip #9Quality – set the camera at top quality and print out your photos on quality paper, both increase the image quality.

#10Pets and Children – the best advice I ever got from a pet photographer who also did family photos, was to let pets and children be themselves! There is no controlling either so use a fast shutter speed and take a series of photos quickly. You’ll get “the” picture!

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