The Third Screen – What is it and how to use to your marketing advantage?

Its original name was “the cell phone”.  Today it’s referred to as “the third screen” and its changing the delivery of marketing and sales messages and that is great news for us marketers.

That “third screen” (#1 is your TV screen and #2 is your computer screen) will reach your consumer anytime and anywhere and it’s in the briefcases and pockets of your customers right now.

I recently attended the largest and most prestigious book industry event in the country, BookExpo America and new this year was a partner trade show called BlogWorld.  If ever two worlds were colliding it is print and online – in this case they were embracing the differences and coming up with 1 + 1 = 3.

Thousands of authors, publishers and publicists mingled with bloggers (are you aware there are more than 75 million blogging sites?), podcasters, social media, new media and Web TV content creators – it was forward- thinking and a huge success.

One attendee summed it up well by saying that the objective was to distribute content – whenever and wherever the consumer wants it – and will buy.  That could easily be a mission statement for everyone reading this blog right now.

Not only have our message delivery options expanded greatly with the third screen but it’s immediate and measurable.  Are you taking advantage of this opportunity?  I hope so because we all know conquering the new options is critical, because the 4th and 5th are right around the cyber-corner.

One thought on “The Third Screen – What is it and how to use to your marketing advantage?

  1. Reblogged this on [PR]etty in Pearls and commented:
    Clever terminology for the cell phone, and appropriately so. In fact, I read this on my iPhone’s wordpress app and am now replying from my 3rd screen as well on the drive up to school!

    Make sure to turn on any mobile optimization options your website may have because you’d be surprised by how many users stem from the smart phone world! (For Laffey Fine Homes I believe 35% of hits last week were from mobile devices)

    Great read!

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