Too Early For Holiday Publicity? Start Now and Reap Rewards of Thinking Ahead

Just this week notices were landing in my in-box about opportunities for my clients to be part of Gift Guides and Gift Bags … do I think this is too early? As holiday shopping is starting earlier than ever, so is the need to supply worthy holiday news to the media.

The value of being able to place a client’s product or service in front of an editor is invaluable at any time, but when it is wrapped up in a well packaged presentation, all the better.

Let’s look at a few examples of how you can use an outside service to get your company (or clients) included in the holiday gift guides of magazines, newspapers, online and event TV shows.

What is a Gift Guide? Simply it is a pre-packaged set of photography, salient copy, costs and other enticing information presented to an editor for use in a December issue or broadcast. Editors often welcome these as it gives them the tools to pick and choose which elements are right for their audience and which they might be able to add on to for future stories on trends.

Does it have to be “on trend” or “the next big thing”? Not really, but it does have to have a “new” element. Think about the timing Apple uses to put out its new iPad and iPhone just before the holidays, not a new product, but a new version.

Does your product have any of these elements?

– Is it an unusual color or design?

– Is it a once a year kind of purchase?

– Have you ever released this product before? (New is always best)

– Do any celebrities use your product?

– Was it seen on a TV show or in a music video?

Just be sure when you are sending information to an editor, or using a service, that you match your product or service to the right publications. Kitchen items might be welcomed by Good Housekeeping, but not Bicycle magazine. Think about your ultimate consumer and then consider what media they use to get their information. Now you have a match and can build a smart media list. Be sure to tell the editor why you have chosen them to send your holiday gift idea to – they will appreciate the fact that there were especially chosen.

After all isn’t that a gift too? Happy Holiday Publicity!

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