Reach Out and Touch Your Customers – Easy Marketing Tips #4, #5 and #6

In March 2012 I started a series of Easy Marketing Tips to Quick Start Your Business, here are tips #4, #5 and #6.

Marketing Tip #4 – Likability translates to the Bottom Line – TouchPoints How many chances a day do you and your team have to make an impression? Zillions. Think about how many people had a chance to impress you just last week, did they? My guess is that they were “fine” but didn’t translate their chance to wow you when they could. The teller at the bank window who barely acknowledges you, the cashier at the grocery store who focuses more on your vegetables than the person standing in front of her, the dry cleaner who takes your clothes and gives you a ticket, but no nice comment.

How easy would it have been to make you feel special? Are you making your customers feel special?

Touchpoints are those opportunities to reach out and make someone like you just a little bit more. If you had a banker, grocer or dry cleaner who really made you feel important you would think twice about changing service providers and you would surely recommend them to others. Think of the touch points you have every day – and use your Get Business Card (Tip #1 in prior blog) to start the conversation that will connect you to your next new business lead.

Marketing Tip #5 – A Personal Letter When was the last time you sent a personal letter thanking your customers? (and the last holiday card doesn’t count). Think about an individual letter to each prospect that says very sincerely how much their business means to you, or meant to you in the previous year. You might go on to say that you hope they recommend your company and if they need any further work, you have them on the priority list for scheduling and fees. If you want to include or reiterate the services you offer be sure to do so and include at least one business card, a magnet or other promotional items that will be kept. And to be sure they know this really is personal, sign it with a colored pen so it looks original.

Marketing Tip #6 – Grassroots and Neighborhood Marketing Do you know what your office neighbors sell? Do they know what you do? How about a knock on doors, introduce yourself schedule to not only tell your neighbors who you are and what you do, but for you to gather their business cards for your VIP list.

Next time you are at a professional meeting, or PTA or your homeowners association be sure to sit next to someone you’ve never met before and share with them what you do. Be sure to ask them the same and exchange cards.

The best business will come from people who you have connections with.

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