The Getting of the Green – Color Branding

Have you noticed the Scottie dog in the commercial? He’s just one small part of a great advertising campaign to build product ‘memorability’.

In the latest Scotts Miracle-Gro commercial … the Scottie dog is with the Scottish guy with the great Scottish accent, yes he is wearing plaid and talking about ‘the green green grass of home’. His name? Scott… what else?

Too much or what it takes these days?

We’ve gone beyond jingles and memorable spokesman like Mr. Whipple or Smokie the Bear – it’s now all about color too.

Consider the A T & T commercials – “that was so ’27 seconds ago’ – notice how the clothing is the same orange as the A T & T logo? The cake is orange, there is an orange tiger in one version, the team colors are orange, the colors in the background are orange, and even the female actor’s hair is on the orange side of red!

Swiffer mop actors are wearing purple, in a room with a purple couch and children with purple toys… all while the voice over tells you how wonderful it will be to clean with lavender-scented products.

Take a look at pharmaceutical products; lots of elements in those commercials are the same color as the logo of the drug name.

Now we have the wearing of the green … appropriately as I write this on St. Patrick’s Day!

So today let’s all lift our glasses to corporate America for knowing that color is powerful and will get our attention – Here’s To Ya!

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