Valentine’s Day – For the Love of Marketing

There is something just-right about Valentine’s Day, and beyond my personal happiness on this holiday, I am always impressed by how many marketers put this day, and its sentiment, to creative use.

One billion greeting cards will be exchanged today, from school children to seniors this is a day of love and all things heart shaped. Ahh February 14th when TV plot lines, music and movies all tell tales of the heart.

The American Heart Association has special events and health care facilities maximize the calendar to send their cardiac messages to all of us. The candy stores follow (or lead) with sweets for the sweet and the color red is everywhere!

The Grammy’s are around this time reminding us that music conveys messages of the heart, retailers display lingerie and jewelry and every single restaurant tells us to dine out, drink wine and don’t forget the decadent dessert options.

Somewhat more creative are the local animal shelters that tell us to adopt a bundle of canine love, home builders tout that home is where the heart is and craft stores stock up on glue, construction paper and glitter – talk about creative!

It’s a day in almost every country in the world – full of positive messages and equally important to men as women. Few holidays can live up to the possibilities of Valentine’s Day – so I share with you this funny short poem:

“My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
you make me smile with my heart
your looks are laughable, un photographable
yet you’re my favorite work of art”

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