Have You Ever?

Not long ago an advertising agency owner revealed that he really didn’t know what a public relations professional did all day.
“You write press releases right? And send to the media? What else?”

There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to describe what we do everyday as publicists and marketers, sometimes it’s just easier to say “we manage the brand” and “we do whatever it takes to impact sales and make an organization succeed”.

And sometimes — it is about the list below – the “other” category of accomplishments of this agency (and so many other marketing professionals) that truly make a difference for our clients. We believe in the power of advertising, but know it only becomes cost effective when integrated with other ways to reach the consumer.

have you ever?
bought an ad on a movie screen
placed a product in a movie
built a whole ad campaign around church bulletins
developed an app for a brand
sent a journalist a gimmick
broken a Guinness World Record
sent a letter to the editor
bought radio time for advertorial
partnered with a media giant to do an event
hired a celebrity to send a message
hidden an Easter egg
held a shareholder meeting for a public company
had a client booked on the Today Show or Jay Leno
used only photographs to send a message
did a presentation without saying a word
conducted an event backward
done sidewalk moments
started a trend
tied billboard to mobile
combined two totally different products for a new use
conducted a survey for the resulting news value
created an event with a series of 3 invitations to assure maximum response
chose a distinct phone number for a campaign
used a costume character as an ambassador
lobbied Congress
achieved DOT signage on an interstate highway – and it wasn’t a billboard
tied to a local artist for an entire ad and collateral campaign
brought in an interior designer to redo an office to tie to the brand
done a fashion shoot on site
partnered with a national brand for a client, at no cost
used a grassroots tactic to blast a message simultaneously
established a nationally recognized day
based an entire campaign on events after midnight
built a campaign from the perspective of a historical figure
written a weekly column
sponsored a nationally televised game show
put a gift in the Academy Awards bags
built a photo backdrop full of logos and client images
sent a postcard with scented ink
created a media kit with sound
created a blog to promote a product and used personalities to link friends
won an award by asking for online votes
produced a Superbowl commercial to take a company public
closed down parts of EPCOT to produce those 5 Superbowl commercials

I’ve been thinking about sending this list to the ad guy. “Here is a list of all the things we have done for our clients that rarely included one cent of paid advertising.”
Instead I am sharing it here with you. We call it marketing, our clients call it powerful and we’re just glad they are the kind of clients who understand there is a very big world beyond paid advertising.

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