The perfect symbol for what’s next: ;

Recently I saw an ad for The Purpose Prize, funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies and the John Templeton Foundation. It is a $750,000 prize to invest in people over 60 who are changing the world. Finally! I have grown quite weary of all the negative dialogue about “boomers” and wondered when our generation might use our sheer strength, and collective intelligence, to change the way some think of us and the whole aging process.

Here are just some of the things I predict just might become fads:
– Gray hair is the new blonde
– Wrinkles are beautiful, so are age spots
– Slow movement is seen as smart
– Experience is priceless
– Typefaces over 12 pt are in style
– and yes – having an encore is the new “retirement”

See that symbol in the headline? It’s the old-fashioned semi-colon and I am impressed with the perfection of its use. ; Encore Careers, the ad goes on to say that the purpose of the organization and the prize money, is to celebrate and advance the work of people over 60 who are using their experience to take on society’s biggest challenges in new and innovative ways. Bravo, bravo, bravo – and thank you! Intrigued? The website is

So what is your ;?

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