Smell-o-Vision – Getting Your Attention?

Is getting someone’s attention really that difficult? Heck no – just be interesting. Or appeal to their most primal sense of smell.

It’s not new “Scentovision” was introduced in the 1930’s as part of the New York World’s Fair. (I wish those would come back!)

Have you noticed that incredible smells seem to be catching your attention? Or have you noticed that Bloomingdale’s releases different smells in different shopping areas, or that the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas has a magnificent scent all its own?

If you’ve been through an upscale model home lately you’ve probably smelled cinnamon – designed to capture the attention of the male shopper, or vanilla which nearly everyone chooses as a favorite.

Almost all hotels are now in full smell mode – Westin uses a white tea fragrance; they even (and smartly) integrated a scratch and sniff version in their print advertising. It is alluring and for sale through the Westin Web site.

The olfactory is a powerful tool and marketers are starting to use it in a big way.

If you notice marketers using this to sell their products, let me know and I’ll share with our readers.

Meanwhile, I’m using three scents in an upcoming promotion for a client; one will be chocolate scented, another will be citrus and we’re still debating the third. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Smell-o-Vision – Getting Your Attention?

  1. When I was looking at purchasing a house, I noticed that several of the realtors would have chocolate chip cookies baking. One told me that it helped people to envision it as a home rather than just a piece of property.

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